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The competition between “Triangle – Drama” and “Doctor Stranger” has begun.

According to Nielsen Korea, MBC “Triangle – Drama” topped the ratings in its first broadcast at 8.9%.

Last week’s 51st broadcast of MBC “Empress Qi” ended at 28.7%, which is a whopping 19.8% decrease in ratings for this week.

The first broadcast of SBS “Doctor Stranger” rung in closely behind the top spot at 8.6%. Meanwhile, KBS “Big Man” rated closely as well with a solid 8.0%.

Source: Heraldbiz via Nate
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Note: The drama ratings is low because Korea is having 2-day holiday, many people are away so ratings is generally low this week. (via @Triangle2014)

[RATING] “Triangle” Episode 1 
TNmS  9% Nationwide – 10.3% Seoul.
AGB 8.9% Nationwide – 9.7% Seoul

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