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Another acting evolution of acting-dol (Idol-turned-actor)

Watching Kim Jaejoong in <Triangle>, I think about Kim Hyunjoong in KBS “Age of Feeling” and Park Yoochun in SBS <Three Days>. They are the representatives of 2nd generation of “acting-dol”. Kim Jaejoong and Park Yochun was in TVXQ, Kim Hyunjoong was in SS501. If Jung Ryeowon-Hwang Jungeum-Yoon Kyesang ect., the 1st generation of idol-turned-actors, replaced their idol image by actor image; the 2nd generation still owes to the halo of idol image. The reason why I think about Kim Hyunjoong and Park Yoochun while watching Kim Jaejoong is that, I feel that their pace this year will be a turning point in their career. These actors, who have debuted with the roles which borrowed their idol image – Prince-like characters – came back one by one with blockbusters. While Kim Hyunjoong and Park…

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